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Erica von Trapp / chef / food stylist

Hi! I'm Erica: American-born, French-trained food stylist, and recipe developer.

I can't imagine anyone who would get into any culinary career without loving food, so that's mundane to commence with. But, really, I love food. I love making it look good; I love making it taste good.

Food hasn't always loved me however — I grew up an active California kid with a few food allergies, some pretty hefty (think, 3-minutes left to live when I arrived at the hospital after eating a Brazil Nut), and some simply annoying. That drew me from a young age to read the ingredients labels on everything I consumed. And to start thinking about food in a different way through improvisation and being hyper conscientious of ingredients.

Fast-foward some certain number of years and here I am, a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu Paris (Le Grand Diplome in both savory and pastry) with kitchen years done at Le Pur' Restaurant Place Vendôme Paris (Michelin-starred), James Beard award-winning restaurants in Portland, TV cooking episodes hosted and developed for Tastemade with my show "Bubble Child", and many hours clocked on set for large and independent brands food styling.


As a creative individual, who appreciates beauty and composition in many forms, and is one of those peculiar people who thrives in the detail-oriented demands of the role of styling food, I found myself drawn to this career. And here's where I am: in the mash up of culinary and visual arts as a food stylist. 

I am based in Portland, Oregon, and am willing to travel depending upon the job. I am comfortable and experienced with both still and motion image.

Some of the brands I've worked with include: Jack in the Box, Papa Murphy's, Coca Cola, Steak-Umm, Target, Uber Eats, AAA/Westways, Idahoan Foods, HBO, Tillamook, Airbnb, Don Francisco Coffee, Beaver Brand/Inglehoffer, FOX Studios, FXX, Cheerios, Saveur Magazine, Tastemade, and Local Bounti, and Humm Kombucha, to name a few.

Thanks for checking out my work and I hope to give your culinary needs whatever flavor you're looking for.


Erica von Trapp / / Phone: 323-684-1046

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