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Erica von Trapp / food stylist

Hi! I'm Erica: American-born, French-trained food stylist based in Portland, Oregon. 

I can't imagine anyone who would get into any culinary career without loving food, so that's perhaps obvious to commence with. But, really, I love food. I love making it look good; I love making it taste good. (or, in this field, at least just making it look like it tastes good.) :)

Food hasn't always loved me however — I grew up *that* kid with several food allergies, some pretty hefty (think, 3-minutes left to live when I arrived at the hospital after eating a Brazil Nut), and some simply annoying. That drew me from a young age to read the ingredients labels on everything I consumed and to start thinking about food in a different way through improvisation and being hyper conscientious of ingredients.

Fast-foward some certain number of years and here I am, a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu Paris (Le Grand Diplôme in both savory and pastry) with kitchen years done at the Michelin-starred Le Pur' Restaurant Place Vendôme Paris and James Beard award-winning restaurants in Portland. I got into the media side of food in 2014 when my food blog turned into a YouTube channel and then episodes hosted and developed for Tastemade with my show "Bubble Child". The combination of visual arts and culinary improvisation made food styling a dream job, and I haven't turned back since.

After several years food styling in Los Angeles, I am now based in Portland, specializing in both motion and still images for large and independent brands.

Some of the clients I've worked with include: Jack in the Box, Coca Cola, Steak-Umm, Target, Uber Eats, Subway, Sandstrom, AAA/Westways, Amex, Idahoan Foods, HBO, Tillamook, Blaze Pizza, Airbnb, Don Francisco Coffee, Beaver Brand/Inglehoffer, FOX Studios, FXX, Cheerios, Saveur Magazine, Tastemade, and Humm Kombucha, to name a few.

Thanks for checking out my work and I hope to give your culinary needs whatever flavor you're looking for.


Erica von Trapp / / Phone: 323-684-1046

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